Aries (21 Mar - 19 Avr)

You are running out of patience with people who can't get their stories straight. But some mental gymnastics help to ease tensions by allowing you to see a different side of the picture. There's no harm in listening to someone's point of view today, and you might even strengthen your own position in the process. Don't be afraid to give up some ground to let another person be in the spotlight now, in the spirit of camaraderie if nothing else. Cheryl Richardson wrote, "People start to heal the moment they feel heard." Source: Yahoo!

Taurus (20 Avr - 20 Mai)

You're wondering if everyone could benefit from a temporary spring hibernation in light of recent discord. You want to pull the covers back over your head today and close your eyes to the stress, hoping it will all come out in the wash. But your silence could serve as inaccurate confirmation or complicit denial if you don't participate in discussions that involve you now. Step out of your comfort zone to ensure your assumptions don't cause problems you will only have to fix later. When in doubt, ask. Source: Yahoo!

Gemini (21 Mai - 21 Jun)

You're willing to do whatever it takes to keep the waters calm today, making a concerted effort to listen and speak in equal measure. Others appreciate your open-mindedness, but don't abandon common sense and become a yes-person just to avoid potential conflict. You may end up inadvertently ignoring the voice of discernment in your attempts to maintain harmony now, creating tangles that will only get tighter later on. Focus on the big picture while you play the game of compromise. Source: Yahoo!

Cancer (22 Jun - 22 Jul)

You may be overly protective of your opinions now as you recall past experiences when speaking up didn't go very well. However, letting your guard down just enough to listen to a coworker or friend could prove to be worthwhile when benevolent Jupiter stands opposite clever Mercury in your 10th House of Reputation. You might even win some points for being willing to put differences aside and welcome someone's input. Life is too short not to try and find common ground. Maya Angelou writes, "We are more alike, my friends, than unalike." Source: Yahoo!

Leo (23 Jul - 22 Aoû)

You're proud of all the work you're doing to cultivate your big ideas and you can't wait to watch them bloom. But you may look at your garden of seeds through rose-colored glasses today, believing that they will break ground in no time at all. Calling on a second pair of eyes is prudent when something appears too good to be true. The advice from a friend who isn't as invested in the outcome just might save you from overlooking details you assumed you already covered. Two minds are better than one. Source: Yahoo!

Virgo (23 Aoû - 22 Sep)

You might have unwittingly developed a tough outer shell to filter out bothersome noise that detracts from your ability to remain calm. However, you want to let in considerations from someone close to you today, instead of stubbornly shutting down when encouraging Jupiter opposes critical Mercury in your 8th House of Intimacy. You may be surprised by how understanding others can be when you allow them to see the inner chambers of your heart. Vulnerability is your friend. Source: Yahoo!

Libra (23 Sep - 22 Oct)

You're the first to step in and try to smooth things over when the road gets bumpy. Fortunately, you can use your power of reconciliation for the good of someone close to you when high-minded Jupiter beckons to clever Mercury in your 7th House of Others. Creatively framing both sides of an issue allows everyone to see the situation more clearly. However, don't get so caught up in chasing harmony that you overstate one piece of the puzzle just to make the crowd happy. Pope Paul VI stated, "If you want peace, work for justice." Source: Yahoo!

Scorpio (23 Oct - 21 Nov)

You assume you can handle anything life throws at you today because you have painstakingly examined every detail of your plan. You're sure nothing could go wrong if you just follow along with each preconceived step. Although your detective's nose has rooted out many of the facts, you may still be overlooking something that can only be seen from a wider perspective. Continue moving toward your goal, but don't get so invested in the framework that you're unwilling to adjust your methods. Adaptability is the secret to your success. Source: Yahoo!

Sagittarius (22 Nov - 21 Déc)

Sometimes all it takes are a few simple words to make you realize your fortunate position. You don't lack for personal initiative while fleet-footed Mercury plays in your 5th House of Creativity. However, an opposition from magnanimous Jupiter reminds you that including your friends in your activities is just as important as pursuing them yourself. Even if you don't always see eye to eye, never underestimate the value of community. A joy that's shared is a joy made double. Source: Yahoo!

Capricorn (22 Déc - 19 Jan)

You're eager to pick up the pace again, even if it means letting go of an unresolved argument. It's clearly evident that your ambitions will suffer if you hold onto negativity that roots you in place, regardless of its origin. While a healthy dose of forgive-and-forget is always a good idea, be sure you don't sweep anything under the rug for the sake of laying an issue to rest. William Shakespeare wrote, "No legacy is so rich as honesty." Source: Yahoo!

Aquarius (20 Jan - 18 Fév)

You may still be slightly rattled by a recent misunderstanding, but you're beginning to see the importance of widening your outlook to be more inclusive. It's easy to lose sight of the big picture when you're devoted to making your point. However, today's enlightening Mercury-Jupiter alignment refreshes your fundamental belief that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Taking yourself less seriously now is the key to moving forward. Source: Yahoo!

Pisces (19 Fév - 20 Mar)

Your belief in second chances is a strength that many forsake once they've been hurt once or twice. But strength can become weakness if you're trying to overcompensate for a past offense that you still regret. There's a fine line between empathizing with someone's feelings and granting them a get-out-of-jail-free card just to help you absolve your guilt over an unpleasant incident. Sometimes moving on doesn't include a pretty resolution with a bow on top. Legendary Artist Prince said, "Compassion is an action word with no boundaries." Source: Yahoo!